[mythtv] Audio distortion issue on Nvidia Shield

Michael mythtv at blandford.net
Wed Nov 14 04:06:34 UTC 2018

On 9/24/18 9:55 AM, Peter Bennett wrote:
> On 09/23/2018 10:41 PM, Michael wrote:
>> Hi Peter,
>> I spent some time playing with this tonight.   I tried all of the 
>> settings you mentioned about and I still am having the crackly sound 
>> from the center regardless of what speaker is actually playing the 
>> the start of a video or after seeking forward.
> So it is ok most of the time, only gets static when starting or 
> seeking? How long does the static last?
> I have noticed with digital audio, the sound does not start up 
> immediately after a seek forward, there is sometimes a second of 
> delay. Perhaps my sound system is able to ignore the beginning part of 
> the audio that yours is having trouble with.
> Does this happen with pass through from a computer other than the shield? 

Hi Peter,

I was wondering if you had any other thoughts on the issue I was having 
with my shield.

I currently have stereo upmix turned off on the shield.    If I play 
videos, randomly I get this screeching noise when starting a video or 
some times after fast forwarding.    Rewinding or pausing for 3-4 
seconds often fixes the issue (until a commercial skip, etc ).

Tonight I decided to do a little more testing.  I turned on stereo upmix 
and I could essentially ONLY get the screeching sound so I obviously 
turned that back off.   Should it also be off in the mythtv settings?

I did recently update to the 
mythfrontend-20181102-arm64-v30-Pre-921-g35f94663d71 version w/ no 
change in behaviour.

Any thoughts?


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