[mythtv] Adding PLP support (DTV_STREAM_ID)

Stuart Auchterlonie stuarta at squashedfrog.net
Sun Feb 4 22:20:02 UTC 2018

On 04/02/18 12:35, Torbjorn Jansson wrote:
> attached is my first version of adding plp support.
> currently it is in a "works for me" state, a few things that is missing:
> channel scanning is not adjusted, mux editor don't know about this new
> setting and i haven't added the db update code needed.
> so to test this you need to manually run:
> ALTER TABLE dtv_multiplex ADD COLUMN plp_id SMALLINT;
> the gui parts is not done because i haven't (yet) figured out how the
> settings and gui work.
> at a minimum the mux editor should have an option to set plp.
> it should default to not setting plp by either leaving the column to
> NULL or set it to -1
> plp is only valid for dvb-t2 so maybe this gui setting should be hidden
> if it is anything other than dvb-t2
> according to the dvb api documentation apparently dvb-s2 also can use plp.
> i have no way of testing this so it is not taken into account.
> would be nice if someone can have a look at this patch because there are
> areas i'm a little unsure of.
> and also would be nice if someone else can test it to make sure i
> haven't broken anything.

You need to make this part of the code conditional on the PLP ID being
set. You've initialized it to -1, and that's what should be checked
to verify that you need to send this option to the dvb card.

+    //PLP
+    if (tuner_type == DTVTunerType::kTunerTypeDVBT2)
+    {
+        cmdseq->props[c].cmd      = DTV_STREAM_ID;
+        cmdseq->props[c++].u.data = tuning.plp_id >255 ||
tuning.plp_id<0 ? NO_STREAM_ID_FILTER : tuning.plp_id;
+    }

Stuart Auchterlonie

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