[mythtv] Building for Android, mariadb issue

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Tue Aug 7 02:34:46 UTC 2018

On 08/06/2018 06:47 PM, John P Poet wrote:

> Hi David,
> The instructions say
> "After Android Studio is installed, *use it* to install the Android SDK 
> and NDK."
> It also says
> "Install the desired SDK Tools. CMake and the *NDK* are the main ones."
> It sounds like those statements needs to be changed.
> The instructions also say
> "For the NDK Get android-ndk-r13b-linux-x86_64.bin and install it in 
> ~/android *too*."
> That "*too*" implies that r13b also needs installed in ~/Android/Sdk/ as 
> nkd-bundle?
> You are building it for Android version 26 (Oreo), right?
> Thank you for your help with this!
> John

FWIW, the documentation worked for me.  The difference I see is if 
you're trying to build for Oreo using an SDK that pre-dates Oreo.

I used Android Studio to install the r15c SDK.  I'm building for version 
22 (Lollipop) versus the documentation recommending the default 21 (also 
Lollipop).  I also have r13b installed, but my ~/android/android-ndk 
symlink is to r15c.

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