[mythtv] Q about networking after recent networking improvements in master

Peter Bennett pgbennett at comcast.net
Wed Apr 12 19:09:55 UTC 2017

On 04/12/2017 01:52 PM, Piotr Oniszczuk wrote:
> Peter,
> After upgrade mythtv-master from r380 to r385 I started to have many following entries in FE log:
> ……………
> 2017-04-12 19:46:47.563426 E  Failed listening on TCP [::]:5000 - Error 10: Protocol type not supported
> ……………
> see below full fe log
> My FE is minimyth2. It has no IPv6 compiled within kernel.
> Is it possible that this is cause?
> Or maybe new code needs to change something in BE config?
> Anyway - pls be aware that some users may have similar problem.
> If it is result of not adequate BE config - then I believe it is good practice to set new defaults in a way guarantying myth behavior exactly like before Your’s networking improvements.
> This may help to avoid storm of user complains about issue like this…

I assumed that everybody has IPV6.

 From the QT5 page (http://blog.qt.io/blog/2011/07/05/ipv6-changes-in-qt5/)

/To further express that we take IPv6 seriously, I also have removed the 
support to compile with QT_NO_IPV6. I think that every platform that Qt5 
will run on also has support for IPv6.//
I have created a patch to disable IPv6 if it is not supported. Please 
test with the attached patch.
It will turn on the flag to disable IPv6 if it gets a "not supported" 
error when listening. So you will get only 1 such error message.


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