[mythtv] Problem with 0.28 remote frontend

John Pilkington J.Pilk at tesco.net
Thu Apr 21 09:48:00 UTC 2016

On 17/04/16 20:59, Peter Bennett wrote:
> Hi Devs
> Here is the situation:
> mythbackend is up and running.
> Install a frontend on a different machine, on the same network.
> There is no config.xml on the new frontend.
> Start mythfrontend.
> With 0.27 the frontend would do a network scan, find the backend, find
> out the database password from the backend, create a new config.xml for
> itself, then start up. If it could not find the backend, it would prompt
> for the database credentials, setup the config.xml from them, and then
> start up successfully.
> With 0.28 the frontend prompts for country and language, then fails with
> a segmentation fault. The log shows that it tried several times to
> connect to a backend on; which is incorrect.
> This is not user friendly behaviour.
> If I run mythtv-setup on that frontend it gives me the prompts for
> database credentials and creates the config.xml, then goes into backend
> setup. After exiting that I can run the frontend. This is not correct
> procedure since you should not run the mythtv-setup on a frontend only
> machine.
> Another way to resolve it is by copying the config.xml from the backend
> to the frontend, then everything works. A new user will not know how to
> do that.
> Is there a bug here? Should I report it or have I been doing something
> wrong?
> Peter

I see this is now https://code.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/12735

It, and recent experience, has prompted me to think again about setup, 
which I have rarely found straightforward but eventually works and gets 
forgotten about.

I sometimes have more than one mythbox active, but they don't appear to 
interact.  I suppose this must be because my config.xml includes


and copying that to another frontend, as Peter suggests, won't help. 
Also, in that case, I don't think mythtv-setup.real ('buntu) allows the 
entry of a remote address.

I've wondered, too, why setup starts by default in full-screen mode.

'mythtv-setup.real -w --geometry 1024x576' lets me use other windows to 
get more info when, for example, setup enters a restarting loop.

John P

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