[mythtv] 0.28 backend web server

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Mon May 11 16:47:22 UTC 2015

On 05/11/2015 01:20 AM, Stuart Auchterlonie wrote:

> Can you explain the deficiency in the frontend's scheduling capabilities
> that makes you need to do this?
> Regards
> Stuart

I've been using MythTV since 2003 and have probably used the frontend to 
schedule a recording five times.  Mythweb is a keyboard interface and 
much more friendly for creating recording rules.  For standard rules, 
it's much easier to search using a keyboard than a remote control. 
However, about 90% of my recording rules are Power Searches and would be 
very painful to create through the frontend.  I create recording 
schedules when I hear about a new show well before they are available in 
listings (most of my rules are a callsign match + title regex).  For 
sports, I have rules that have more complex SQL to rule out classic 
re-shows, re-broadcasts, pre-season, etc.

Some tasks just do not lend themselves well to a 10ft remote interface. 
  It's not a problem with the frontend's capabilities, it's just not the 
best tool for the job.

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