[mythtv] 0.28 backend web server

Lennart Sorensen lsorense at csclub.uwaterloo.ca
Mon May 11 14:24:43 UTC 2015

On Mon, May 11, 2015 at 08:33:13AM -0500, dennis wrote:
> I think it is more convenience and ease of use, rather than a deficiency.
> I know for my family's usage,  at least 80% of the "mythtv" usage is
> through mythweb.  Its much quicker and easier to just hit a bookmark
> on a phone or tablet to schedule a recording, and it can be done
> remotely.   The same goes for looking at the TV listings, viewing a
> list of recordings, and deleting/managing recordings.  I convert all
> recordings to mp4 nightly,  so they can be streamed to a tablet or
> phone.   Tablets have essential replaced all but one TV in my
> household.   Being able to jump to a specific page in the web
> interface from a bookmark is used quite a bit by my family, and
> would definitely be missed.
> I think there are quite a few users that use mythweb today entirely
> for scheduling.    I tried to teach the family how to set up
> recordings in the frontend,  they complained it was too complex,
> wasn't working right,  and it was so much 'easier' on their
> tablet/browser.    I finally  just made the menu to "schedule
> recordings" launch a web browser even from the frontend.   Problem
> solved.
> There was a thread on this the myth-user list discussed scheduling
> in the frontend.    Below are a couple of comments from the thread.
> > I'd like to ask in closing whether others on this list find
> scheduling recordings through MythWeb to be more versatile and
> usable than scheduling them through the frontend?
> >For me, the answer would be yes. I've always scheduled through
> mythweb, so much easier to do then using a remote.  It's my
> preferred method, so I have very little experience with using
> mythfrontend for scheduling
> >I, too, always program with MythWeb. When I first began using
> MythTV a year and a few months ago, I wasn't aware of MythWeb, and
> did programming through the front end. MythWeb is far more
> convenient. I'm hoping the new web server will be as convenient. I'm
> not inclined to upgrade to version 0.28 until I've heard some
> experiences from braver folk.
> >Another here, too. I like Mythweb because everything's on one page,
> no poking through multiple menus to find what I need. By the way,
> the frontend has all the same options as Mythweb (maybe more?), but
> they may not be obvious to you.

Certainly I agree most scheduling at my house is through mythweb.
I know there are a few settings mythweb doesn't have that can be done
through the front end, but for most things mythweb is just much mroe
convinient for scheduling.

Certainly the web page is much more efficient to navigate than the cursor
controlled menus in the frontend.

Len Sorensen

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