[mythtv] OpenMAX/Raspberry Pi 2 support

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Tue Jun 2 12:56:02 UTC 2015

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>If you want to implement OpenMAX support in MythTV, you might want to
>have a look at the (now discontinued?) Torc DVR project. It's a fork
>of MythTV by a former MythTV developer, and according to the README,
>OpenMAX support should be working for video decoding:
>https://github.com/Torc/torc <https://github.com/Torc/torc>
>Best regards

Sigh...why did I subscribe in digest mode?  Sorry for any weirdness with my
emails.  That's fixed now.

Hmm, good catch.  I'll look into it.  Additional examples are always

Luckily, video decoding/rendering is actually relatively easy with
OpenMAX.  I've had way more trouble with audio.  So I'm not too worried
about getting video up and running.  I hope to leverage the existing audio
code in MythTV, but I just wanted to get the opinion of the developers on
that.  I do have a little worry about A/V sync (although shouldn't be too
bad) and stereoscopic output as I don't have a 3D TV to test with.

And Joe, I'd much rather have a fully integrated player rather than
launching an external one.  It would probably be pretty trivial to launch
omxplayer from mythtv, but like you said, you lose a lot of functionality
that way.
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