[mythtv] Question about Recording Profiles

Peter Bennett pgbennett at comcast.net
Wed Jul 29 18:42:49 UTC 2015

I am adding a section to the wiki on Recording Profiles.

It seems there is a bug with recording profiles for IPTV recorders.

There are predefined recording profile groups in the database for each
type of capture card. The IPTV recorder has a card type of FREEBOX but
the predefined recording profile group has card type Freebox (mixed
case). The recording profile group does not show in setup after adding
an IPTV recorder. MySql is case insensitive, so the code may be doing a
case sensitive comparison. This looks like a bug. Perhaps the recorder
finds the recording profile with this case difference, while the setup
program does not.

Also the default URL that is used when creating an IPTV capture device 
- http://mafreebox.freebox.fr/ does not work.

Does anybody use IPTV? Is it worth logging a bug for this?


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