[mythtv] upnp on master with panasonic viera series e5

John Pilkington J.Pilk at tesco.net
Tue Sep 23 17:05:23 UTC 2014

Now running today's v0.28-pre-2229-gde13151

Playback of content in Recordings/Music/Videos seems unchanged from my 
earlier posts. SD MPEG2-PS does not play, but after conversion of that 
processed recording back to MPEG2-TS it does play.  I would like to 
continue using -PS because cutting with the Project-X demuxer is more 
robust than its direct cutting with TS output.

The TV is capable of PS playback; it worked in 0.24.3 and 
patched-0.27.3.  I don't know what has got lost.

I intended to test playback after lossless mythtranscode, but at present 
my jobqueue appears to be stalled looking for (unwanted) metadata; from 
the command line it complained of unsupported codecs on streams 3 to 11 
(dsmcc_b) and segfaulted...

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