[mythtv] UPnP Improvements - [a44606fc2]

Tomi Orava tomimo+mythtv-dev at ncircle.nullnet.fi
Sat Sep 13 14:56:54 UTC 2014

> If you use a Sony TV, can you now view and play back recordings without the
> mimetype hack? Again this was not UPnP or DLNA compliant, I'm hoping the
> addition of DLNA profile names and flags helps here.

I noticed that todays trunk is broken what comes to Samsung TV's.
The newer 2013 model sees the mythbackend server, but is unable to list
any contents ---> no files can be seen on recordings view.

The older TV sees BubbleUPnP and minidlna servers, but not the mythbackend
versions newer than ~ July/August (I quess I have to setup an older
mythtv setup just to see where the problem became visible, the schema
changes prevent me to test the older versions currently on the main server).

> To get the most of the changes software which uses the available artwork and
> metadata is recommended. The best I've found for android is BubbleUPnP, it
> still ignores a lotof metadata for videos and recordings, but it's great for
> music.

Do you happen to have Skifta available ? Unfortunately, it seems to be  
this summer, but it has been quite nice verification tool and currently Skifta
is unable to even see the Mythbackend, just like the older Samsung TV (2011).
Somehow I get the feeling that if Skifta works, also the Samsung TV's work.

Tomi Orav

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