[mythtv] UPnP Improvements - [a44606fc2]

Stuart Morgan stuart at tase.co.uk
Wed Sep 3 08:10:46 UTC 2014



The way we build the object tree has changed allowing for a tree depth
greater than one.
e.g. Genre > Artist > Album > Tracks.
       Series > Season > Episode

The number of queries required to build results has been significantly
reduced which should improve response times.

XBox and WMP 11 specific hacks have been disabled. In part to allow
users of these systems to test new UPnP behaviour, but also because
these non-upnp compliant bits need better segregation from
the core code.

Searching and sorting has been disabled because the existing
implementation was incomplete and broken. This will be finished and
re-enabled soon.

There will be bugs, if you absolutely depend upon UPnP then please hold off
updating for a little so I can fix issues found by wider testing. Of
course if nobody tests UPnP then issues won't get found ...


The are a number of upnp and DLNA compliance related fixes included with these 
changes, but we cannot yet claim DLNA compliance - it's a big spec, I only 
have so much time available.

Also unmentioned in the commit was the ability to mix containers (folders) and 
items (videos/music tracks) together. There's an example of that in 
"Recordings > Titles" and "Videos > Films". However some upnp clients tested 
seem too clever for their own good and alter the intended sorting.

This does not yet repesent the finished product. Some of the groupings for 
video which were removed will be re-added, as will a Season > Episode browsing 
option for Recordings.

Feedback from XBox users would be appreciated, with the hacks previously in 
place for these devices disabled things may look a little different but can you 
live with them? The hacks were not UPnP or DLNA compliant but typical 
Microsoft only proprietary behaviour layered on top, if it needs to be re-
added then some further work will be required.

If you use a Sony TV, can you now view and play back recordings without the 
mimetype hack? Again this was not UPnP or DLNA compliant, I'm hoping the 
addition of DLNA profile names and flags helps here.

To get the most of the changes software which uses the available artwork and 
metadata is recommended. The best I've found for android is BubbleUPnP, it  
still ignores a lotof metadata for videos and recordings, but it's great for 

Stuart Morgan

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