[mythtv] ringbuffer.cpp

Jonas Arndt jonas.arndt at thearndtfamily.com
Mon Mar 17 23:07:40 UTC 2014

> I have backported all the changes related to liveTV and the ringbuffer
> back to fixes/0.27
> It's likely the issue you had that got resolved in master is also
> resolved in fixes/0.27
> JY
How do I know when this is pulled into MythTV 0.27 PPA? Right now I am 
ready to upgrade on my Ubuntu 12.04 and

libmyth-0.27-0 (0.27.0+fixes.20140212.9bf1070 => 
mythtv-backend  (0.27.0+fixes.20140212.9bf1070 => 

When downloading 0.27.0+fixes.20140316.30d86b1 I can't see any trace of 
12045 or the commit in the changelog.Debian.gz file

So thinking that the new version is called 30d86b1, git gives me:

*30d86b1* -  MythMusic: fix the playlist editor adding duplicate tracks 
to the playlist
480589a -  Revert 7abf18a16
7abf18a -  DTVRecorder::FindH264Keyframes: Only account for Adaptation 
Field Control Offset if payloadStart is set.
642c558 -  H264Parser::decode_Header: pic_order_present_flag is not 
required, so don't insist on it.
0b21664 -  MythCenter-wide: fix some clipping on the playlist editor screen
2d9a3d5 -  MythCenter-wide: fix some clipping on the music playlist editor
e0bbc83 -  MythCenter-wide: fix some clipping on the music playlist editor
3bfe496 -  MythMusic: missed a git add in [385011e307c]
2ffd9fb -  MythMusic: add a 'First' resume mode and make 'Off' never resume
6b14852 -  Apply preroll on virtual tuners when the same multiplex is in 
cb3b784 -  Change verbosity for some network messages (cherry picked 
from commit e6245ca330bc7dcc4d358819a299b28f02f5b5a5)
384858c -  Bump API binary number following round of changes in ringbuffers
57c32ea -  Never attempt to read more than in 512kB blocks
366ba7d -  Allow seeking within the entire liveTV chain of recordings.
d356505 -  Fix typo
ca275af -  Prevent playback to exit early should backend's writes be delayed
22936eb -  Have backend advertise which files are currently being written to
*0b9470c* -  Fix fileringbuffer locking up on read()
28b768a -  Enable compilation of a couple of files that were disabled on 
Qt5 because they are apparently not compatible. They build, so let them.
784c236 -  Fix mythnetvision.pro for Qt5

Does this confirm that the fix 0b9470b (which is the commit for 12045) 
is included? I am thinking it does, but just want to be sure.


// Jonas

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