[mythtv] ringbuffer.cpp

Craig Treleaven ctreleaven at cogeco.ca
Mon Mar 3 15:45:39 UTC 2014

At 3:27 PM +0100 3/3/14, Karl Dietz wrote:
>On 03.03.2014 13:17, Craig Treleaven wrote:
>>At 1:10 PM +1100 3/3/14, Jean-Yves Avenard wrote:
>>>On 3 March 2014 12:21, Tom Lichti <tom at redpepperracing.com> wrote:
>>>>Replying to my own post. I upgraded to latest trunk this morning and now
>>>>playback start of an analog recording begins immediately, just like
>>>>recordings. Not sure what fixed it, but I'm happy it works.
>>>I have backported all the changes related to liveTV and the ringbuffer
>>>back to fixes/0.27
>>>It's likely the issue you had that got resolved in master is also
>>>resolved in fixes/0.27
>>Would this be a good time, then, to cut a 0.27.1 release?
>From trac: "Milestone: 0.27.1 - 2 days late (03/01/14 04:00:00)"
>but also "Total number of active tickets: 28"
>Fixing blockers and critical issues before a release would be good. 
>New insight / patches appreciated.
>#11927 - master backend segfaults every morning

Last activity - 3 months ago

>#11666 - Starting mythfrontend with the -p option causes it to use 100% cpu

Last activity - 6 months ago

>#11864 - Channel scanner doesn't update transportid

Last activity - 6 months ago

>The three major issues also are worth a look
>#11795 - Random crash in MythSystemLegacy

Last activity - 6 months ago

>#11797 - Get "UNKNOWN_COMMAND" errors on master backend when slave 
>backend starts recording

Last activity - 6 months ago

>#11859 - mythcommflag seg faults in ff_put_pixels16_sse2.loop

Last activity - 6 months ago

It is always good to clear bugs but it seems none of these are being 
actively worked on.  Besides, it is not like there is a shortage of 
revision numbers!  ;)  Could always cut 0.27.2, etc, when one or more 
of these gets fixed.

Think of us poor packagers...regular releases are a good thing, no?


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