[mythtv] Feature patch #12168 - Extend IPTV recorder to support TS streams over HTTP

Lincoln Rogers lincoln at performaplus.co.nz
Mon Jun 9 07:52:04 UTC 2014

Hi Devs,

Re: https://code.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/12168

I have created a feature patch for my work extending the IPTV recorder to
support TS streams over HTTP such as those from a dreambox.

It applies cleanly to fixes/0.27 and I was wondering if there is a
developer who has some time to look at this as. It requires no new
dependencies and it extends the IPTVStreamHander class with some other
small modifications to a number of other classes. It should not affect HLS
as it differentiates between HLS playlists and video streams.

The only issue I am currently aware of (and would like to discuss) is this:

To differentiate between http-hls and http-ts, I added a enum (rdp, rtp,
rtsp, http_hls, http_ts) to iptvtuningdata.h. Tuningdata is populated by
ChannelUtil::GetIPTVTuningData so I added to that to populate it with a

UDP, RTP, RTSP and HTTP are determined by the URL prefix, and HLS and TS
are differentiated by downloading a limited sample of the URL to check if
it is an HLS playlist or a HTTP_TS video stream. Rather than duplicating
code I have used HLSReader::IsValidPlaylist to test this, but this makes
channelutil dependent on the HLSReader class. Is this ok?

Additionally, this patch also adds a new Myth System Event for channel lock
timeout so that a user can specify a script to reboot their stb (mine
occasionally freezes).

Would love to see this committed so please let me know if there are


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