[mythtv] MythTV Forums

Tony Gould antonyjgould+myth at gmail.com
Mon Feb 10 17:47:42 UTC 2014

Martin Thwaites wrote, on 10/02/14 16:25:
> One of the big advantages for me in forums is the fact that they allow 
> it to be more about "support".  As Stuart mentioned, moving things 
> into particular forums/sub-forums. Allowing the "Organisation" of 
> topics to be done via the admins, rather than the users in their inbox.
> In regards to not checking the forum... set up a subscription, then 
> you'll get an e-mail everytime a new post is done.

I don't have a great preference. I agree re support. One disadvantage I 
have found over the years passively consuming the content of the mythtv 
*users* forum (before I signed up) is that I often struggled to find 
information compared when I got a search hit on an archived mythtv topic 
compared to using ubuntuforums or stackoverflow etc. The quoted text, 
inability to see the set of messages in a single view, all (for me) got 
in the way. I can see the same argument might not apply to mailing 
lists  for *developers* however. After all, as developers you discuss 
ideas, throw things around, and the things that stick get implemented, 
and then documented in the code or on the wiki etc.

And my experience of being a member of several stackoverflow sites is 
that I check them far too much... (not that forums would be reputation 
based of course)

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