[mythtv] Compile error at configure for windows cross compile of 0.27-alpha

David Blain David at TheBlains.net
Tue Oct 15 15:16:12 UTC 2013

> Thanks. It seems to involve many manual steps to install the
> Are there prebuilt frontend binaries available somewhere for testing?  I'd
> to know if it works at all in the intended setup before I go through all
> hassle.  It also looks like there is now way to create some sort of
installer for
> easy distribution.
> Regards,
> Tino

Unfortunately we don't provide access to binary versions of the build.

The Windows build is being worked on by myself and one other developer.  It
compiles and runs but needs some work done to get all features

I'm still focusing on getting the build environment cleaned up, and then
making sure the backend works as expected (hoping to get it to run as a
windows service as well).  Jerry, the other person helping me, I believe is
more focused on the frontend (he's working on CD/DVD support at the moment)

Once everything is working the way it should, we may look into an install
for it, but that isn't for some time.   I'll be glad to review and commit an
installer if you want to create one!


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