[mythtv] mythfilldatabase inserts incorrect default program endtime

Sven Wünschmann wus_mailinglist at gmx.net
Sun May 12 16:27:41 UTC 2013

Hi mythtv-dev list,

last week I posted this issue to mythtv-users. As there was no response, I will try here.

I setup a mythtv box on Ubuntu 13.04 for Alice/O2/Hansenet IPTV channels and configured tv_grab_ch_search as EPG provider. The setup runs quite OK, but there is an issue with EPG data for the last programme of the day.

$ dpkg -l | grep mythtv
ii libmythtv-perl 2:0.26.0+fixes.20121118.340b5d4-0ubuntu1 all A PERL library to access some MythTV features
ii mythtv-backend 2:0.26.0+fixes.20121118.340b5d4-0ubuntu1 amd64 Personal video recorder application (server)
ii mythtv-backend-master 2:0.26.0+fixes.20121118.340b5d4-0ubuntu1 all Metapackage to setup and configure a "Master Backend" profile of MythTV.
ii mythtv-common 2:0.26.0+fixes.20121118.340b5d4-0ubuntu1 amd64 Personal video recorder application (common data)
ii mythtv-database 2:0.26.0+fixes.20121118.340b5d4-0ubuntu1 all Personal video recorder application (database)
ii mythtv-frontend 2:0.26.0+fixes.20121118.340b5d4-0ubuntu1 amd64 Personal video recorder application (client)
ii mythtv-transcode-utils 2:0.26.0+fixes.20121118.340b5d4-0ubuntu1 amd64 Utilities used for transcoding MythTV tasks
ii php-mythtv 2:0.26.0+fixes.20121118.340b5d4-0ubuntu1 all PHP Bindings for MythTV
ii xbmc-pvr-mythtv-cmyth 1.6.9-0raring amd64 XBMC PVR Addon MythTv - Cmyth - PVR API:1.6.0

Here are the facts:

- box is located in timezone CEST (GMT + 0200 currently)
- tv_grab_ch_search outputs only starttime data for programmes, no endtimes
- timestamps are in local time (CEST)
- mythtvfilldatabase inserts GMT times into databasse
- if there is no following programme in the grabber data, mythtvfilldatabase inserts 00:00:00 as endtime ==> error!


- As mythfilldatabase runs the grabber for each day separatly the endtimes of day's last programmes are not correct.


- default endtime considers timezone data of the input / local timezone, i.e. default of 00:00 (local timezone) needs to be converted into GMT timestamp (e.g. 22:00 for GMT + 0200) to be consistent with the rest of the data and to make endtimes adjustment work correctly at the end of mythfilldatabase run.


        mythtv-setup > 1. General > Locale Settings > Your local time zone (for XMLTV): Auto
        mythtv-setup > 1. General > Locale Settings > Your local time zone (for XMLTV): None
        mythtv-setup > 1. General > Locale Settings > Your local time zone (for XMLTV): +0200

does not have any effect.

Can anybody reproduce this result? Is this a configuration issue or a bug?



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE tv SYSTEM "xmltv.dtd">

<tv source-info-url="http://tv.search.ch/index.de.html" source-data-url="http://tv.search.ch/channels.de.html" generator-info-name="XMLTV" generator-info-url="http://xmltv.org/">
  <channel id="ard.search.ch">
    <display-name lang="de">ARD</display-name>
<programme start="20130507224500 +0200" channel="ard.search.ch">
    <title lang="de">Menschen bei Maischberger</title>
    <sub-title lang="de">Themen: Deutschland gerecht: Mehr Steuern für Reiche? | Gäste: Markus Söder (CSU, Bayerischer Finanzminister); Renate Künast (B´90/Grüne, Fraktionsvorsitzende); Bernhard Brink (Schlagersänger); Thomas Selter (Unternehmer); Leni Breymaier (Ver.di-Landeschefin)</sub-title>
    <desc lang="de">Bereits seit 2003 begrüsst Sandra Maischberger wöchentlich Gäste, [...]</desc>
    <category lang="de">Talkshow</category>
    <country lang="de">D</country>
mysql> select starttime, endtime, title from program where title like "Menschen bei%";
| starttime           | endtime             | title                     |
| 2013-05-07 20:45:00 | 2013-05-08 00:00:00 | Menschen bei Maischberger |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)
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