[mythtv] (Request) Possible to retransmit not-unpacked MPEG from an ATSC device out over IP?

Joseph Fry joe at thefrys.com
Tue Feb 26 15:55:43 UTC 2013

> > It seems to me that there ought to be a way to use the ATSC tuners to
> pull
> > in the compressed stream from the air, let MythTV backend send it out to
> > clients in UDP, and let the client ends decompress the streams however
> they
> > want.  Am I missing some technical detail that makes this all not
> possible?
> Well, it is not a MythTV solution, but if you look at the SiliconDust TECH
> models, they can multicast the streams to anyone configured to listen to
> the (ATSC, compressed) stream.

The next round of HDHomeRuns are going to have built in transcoding.  I'd
wager they will also make a version with multicast support.  You may be
able to get completely away from having a server allow users to recieve the
transcoded stream directly from the HDHR.
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