[mythtv] Move of libhdhomerun to external/

Gary Buhrmaster gary.buhrmaster at gmail.com
Fri Nov 16 16:25:16 UTC 2012


I have noted the activity to move externally libs to external/ .
Is there interest in a contribution to move the silicondust
library (libhdhomerun) to external/ ?  I have done the
initial code work, and it compiles, but I have not yet
managed to find time to do more than minimal testing,
and I have to build a windows build system to validate
that platform (full disclosure, I do not do windows, so
any testing their may be limited to "it compiles"(*)).  The
primary reason I am interested in this is to bring in the
new libhdhomerun libraries which are claimed to improve
some reliability.  I would submit two different pull requests
(one for the "rename" and one for the "update").

So, before I spend too much time on this, is there

Thanks for any feedback.


(*) I do not suppose you have a set of instructions
available somewhere that indicates what is needed to
build a windows build system?  If you do, and can
point me at it, that would be appreciated.

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