[mythtv] Mythweather ebuild requires HTML-Tree as dependency

Robin Gilks g8ecj at gilks.org
Fri May 20 07:55:41 UTC 2011

> Just merged up to mythweather-0.24_p20110515.ebuild followed by the
> (recommended) emerge --depclean and HTML_Tree was removed.
> Mythweather no longer worked although running the scripts manually seemed
> to be OK. Seems that an extra dependency is required...
> BTW: I tried removing all the existing (broken until I re-emerged
> HTML-Tree) entries in MythWeather but it wouldn't let me - at least when I
> pressed 'Finish' the screen didn't exit so the only way out was using ESC
> - which of course left all entries intact!!

I may have jumped the gun a bit here.... if mythfrontend is set SUID root
to make use of realtime priorities (I guess I should be using rlimit
rtprio) then half of Perl throws up its hands and refuses to work...
Suddenly the BBC scripts have reappeared and all is now well again.

Perhaps it doesn't need HTML-Tree after all!!

Robin Gilks

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