[mythtv] Recent changes to libmythtv.

Daniel Kristjansson danielk at cuymedia.net
Mon Jun 20 00:46:06 UTC 2011

On Sun, 2011-06-19 at 09:06 +0200, Bernard van Vlimmeren wrote:
> I have two short questions about the recent changes to the way the
> backend records programs. I have a setup with v4l tuners and am
> running the current bleeding edge code (commit 8b0883e9b7d8a722e318).
> After the update, the backend couldn't find any of the TV channels
> anymore. After looking through the code, I have found two reasons:
> 1) libs/libmythtv/v4lchannel.cpp: line 399. There is the following statement:
> name = defaultFreqTable;
> Shouldn't this be:
> name = chanlists[defaultFreqTable].name;
> as defaultFreqTable is an integer and not the name of the default
> frequency table?
> 2) As I have been running mythtv for > 3 years, in the channel table
> in the database, the freqid column contains actual frequencies, which
> used to be valid. The current code looks through the frequency table
> using the data from the freqid column to find the corresponding
> frequency in the table. However, the current code generates aborts the
> tuning when the frequency cannot be retrieved. As I do have the actual
> frequency in the column, it failed every time. I temporarily added a
> statement that used the freqid value as the actual frequency so that
> it works for now. So my question is whether I should start to edit the
> channel table, or if this change is temporary.

These are both bugs. They should be fixed in the next few days.

-- Daniel

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