[mythtv] Ticket #9402 (or How do I contact the original ticket owner?)

Ian Wilkinson null at sgtwilko.f9.co.uk
Mon Jul 4 18:32:09 UTC 2011

Robert McNamara wrote:

> On Mon, Jul 4, 2011 at 11:04 AM, Ian Wilkinson <null at sgtwilko.f9.co.uk> wrote:
>>Two things:
>>1) I've read the TicketHowTo, and it states that discussions about
>>tickets should be done on the mailing list, however if I found a fix for
>>a problem, but want to see if the ticket that's raised is caused by the
>>same thing, how do I contact the original ticket author to see if my fix
>>helps them?  I can only see the first part of the e-mail address when
>>viewing the ticket (and fair enough I wouldn't want my e-mail address on
>>I realise that probably the response here will be "Just post on the
>>mailing list, they should have subscribed on the off chance that someone
>>will post about their issue.", but there has to be a better way of
>>contacting them.  Obviously if I was to reply to the ticket suggesting a
>>fix (which the TicketHowTo suggests is not allowed) then they would
>>receive my e-mail.
> Posting a fix for the issue is not only allowed, it's encouraged!
> It's the relentless "Me too", "This is high priority, jerks!" and "The
> devs should really look at this, they're really starting to annoy me"
> that wears us down.  So don't do that, and it should be fine.  ;)
> Obviously an issue we can fix for everyone, it's something we want to
> know about.  If it's something the user caused for themselves, we
> especially want to know about it.
> Robert

Hi Robert,

Thanks, I suppose that what I was saying in the second part of my e-mail 
was, "this fixed work for me, but I don't have enough information to 
/know/ that it will fix your issue, so you can always try this..."

The TicketHowTo does seem fairly explicit:
"Important Unless you have something valuable to add, such as a patch or 
further relevant debugging info, do not post a comment to an existing 
ticket. 'Me too' posts are strictly forbidden. Discussion about a bug or 
the potential fix belongs on the mailing lists and not in the ticket 
system, the results of the discussion may however be appended to the 
ticket and should be concise, dealing in facts."

I do not have a patch, nor do I have relevant debugging info.  I would 
in effect be discussing the problem, so the above edict would seem to 
forbid my comment.

What would probably be of some use would be like the "Talk" pages that 
exists on the Wiki. If there was one for each ticket where the relevant 
discussions about a ticket could happen without messing up the ticket 
itself.  You would be able to contact the ticket author without exposing 
e-mail addresses and they would not have to subscribe to a mailing list 
on the off chance that someone 6 months after they raised the bug 
notices the ticket and thinks "Oh, I had something like that".

It would also put all the discussion in one easy to locate place.



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