[mythtv] New MythTV interface announced!!

Kevin Fox Kevin.Fox at pnl.gov
Tue Jun 30 18:31:17 UTC 2009

Probably a good existing example of what (i think) he wants to
accomplish is XBMC. In XMBC, a client can export control of itself via a
webserver. This control is not basic like injecting key presses. It
allows you to surf through all the music/videos/pictures acceptable to
the client, while leaving the movie your watching currently undisturbed.
Once you select a new thing to view, and only then, does it switch.

This is very nice feature, allowing to do things like look to see if
there is anything better to watch, or if not, keep watching what you
currently are.

This is different then mythweb. Mythweb is kind of a web based myth

The proposed feature lets you sort through all the files in the myth
backend like mythweb does now, but instead of displaying the selection
in the web browser, it happens on the attached mythclient.

Note, this is one of the reasons upnp splits up video playback into 3
parts instead of 2. Digital Media Renderers, Digital Media Servers, and
the thing that tells the renderer to pull from a server, a Digital Media
Controller. The latter being much more complicated then just a key press


On Tue, 2009-06-30 at 10:18 -0700, xavier hervy wrote:
> Richard Morton wrote:
> >
> > Dear Rob
> >
> > Please accept our apologies we intended no offence. A group of
> mythtv
> > users have been discussing what changes in user interface we'd like
> to
> > see. We all work in IT in various areas from ui design to analysis,
> > none of as are web coders.
> >
> > We have spent some time on this working through the design, as you
> > well know good ui design is never a accident.
> >
> > We'd like to contribute this design to the community and we'd like
> to
> > see it realised so much we're prepared to throw a bit of money at
> it,
> > hoping thata it would start a community around it. Maybe that was
> the
> > wrong way to go about it and for that we're sorry.
> >
> > With regard to the bounty if there was an interest we'd find a site
> to
> > manage the bounty there is no subterfuge here. :-)
> >
> > I don't want a flame war, iwe just want to see our contribution
> > realised and improve mythtv for everyone.
> >
> > Mythtv is great, but as with everything it can also be improved,
> most
> > projects get upset when users moan and don't do anything about it!
> >
> > So, we have done something about it, or at least were trying!
> >
> > I hope you'll have a read of the document and come on board with the
> > project; this ui doesn't really compete with anything that is
> > currently part of mythtv and both paradigms can exist side by side,
> > and certainly will as everyones situation is different.
> >
> > With extensions to the telnet interface it is concievable that this
> > user interface could be created as a part of the frontend.
> >
> > Hope to speak about this more with you and the community.
> >
> > Please excuse brevity and mistakes, this email was composed on a
> > mobile phone.
> >
> > Thanks and regards,
> > Richard Morton
> >
> >
> >
> >> On Jun 28, 2009 8:10 PM, "Rob Smith" <kormoc at gmail.com
> >> <mailto:kormoc at gmail.com>> wrote:
> >>
> >> Seventh, why replace mythweb as part of your app? Just add a
> >> json/xml/whatever template to mythweb and use the core objects
> there
> >> rather then reinvent that piece again
> Hi Richard,
> You are not answering to the essential question, why reinventing the
> wheel ?
> You are looking at a pure "web-based architecture", mythweb is there
> for
> you. It would be much less work therefor you will have more chance to
> achieve your goal.
> You do mention in your document :
> "Why not just provide an interface to the existing MythTV frontend and
> control it via telnet.
> It was considered that we could simply control the MythTV-Frontend via
> the telnet interface, but
> after experimenting it has been deemed that this provides a less than
> ideal experience (slow,
> flickering & ugly) even if the command sequence / timing issues could
> be
> resolved."
> Sending command through telnet is much quicker than sending it over
> http. The key is to use telnet for what it is best for and using http
> to
> retrieve data.
> I personally  use a simple remote application for Symbian Phone which
> does use telnet and I can not say it is slower than using a standard
> remote (not mentionning that the range is much better thanks to the
> wifi).
> Xavier
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