[mythtv] New MythTV interface announced!!

René Bühlmann buehlmann at gmx.ch
Tue Jun 30 19:15:13 UTC 2009

Hi all,

in my opinion, the mythfrontend contains too much of logic. What about 
if mythtv follows somewhat the idea of UPNP:

- The frontend (renderer) only has the ability to render the data it 
receives from the controller. This also includes OSD, Menu and 
everything... The frontend does not know anything about plugins, 
channels or whatever. The frontend can then decide, if it will only 
renders the movie, OSD, menü and if it wants to does this using a theme 
provided by the controller or using its own layout.

- The controller would then contain most of the logic that is currently 
in the mythfrontend. It tells the frontend what to render. The 
controller can provide different interfaces to receive commands. Eg. 
keystrokes sent by the frontend or any higer level commands sent through 
any other devices.

- The backend keeps its role.

Any other frontend (PDA, notebook) could then create its own controller 
or connect to an existing one to control it.
A port of the frontend to mac or windows would then be very easy, as it 
only needs to render and send commands but does not need to know 
anything about plugins, channels, recordings....

Hope the idea is clear...
What do you think about this proposal?
I could also contribute the design an implementation.

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