[mythtv] Audio Sync (Lipsync)

Andreas Fey com at andreas-fey.com
Tue Jun 16 06:32:22 UTC 2009

Ian Barton schrieb:
>> Another question: Because I am running a mythtv version from the 
>> Ubuntu packages on my productive system, is it possible to check out 
>> the equal mythtv version vom SVN, apply the patch, compile the libs 
>> and swap the original libs (from apt) with the new ones (from 
>> compilation)? How can I get aware of the libs which are affected by my 
>> changes?
> Here's one way to do it. Get the ubuntu package source:
> sudo apt-get source mythtv
> Install git:
> sudo apt-get git-core
> Import the ubuntu source into a git repository (note you can also pull 
> into a git repo directly from svn repo if you wanted to).
> cd /ubuntu-myth-source
> Create an empty repo:
> git init
> Add the source files and commit them:
> git add *
> git commit -a -m "Imported source."
> Create a local branch to make your changes:
> git checkout mybranch origin/master
> Make your changes to file foo.cpp
> git add foo.cpp
> git commit -m "My local changes."
> Build the ubuntu debs (sorry can't remember the exact command for this) 
> and install them.
> When the upstream source code changes:
> git pull
> Now when git fetches upstream changes to the source your local commits 
> will be rewound and replayed on top of origin/master, which is the 
> definitive upstream version of the code.
> Carry on working on your local branch and rebuild the debs.
> If the git pull merge fails with a conflict:
> 1. Edit the code to fix the problem
> 2. git add the file to mark the conflict resolved.
> 3. git rebase --continue
> 4. repeat 2 and 4 if required until the merge completes.
> This allows you to play with your own changes and keep up to date with 
> the upstream source. When you are happy with your changes, you can 
> create a patch and submit it back.
> Ian.

Thanks Ian,

I tried that way with SVN; checked out the revision number which is used 
by the Ubuntu packages, applied my patch, compiled and swapped the 
libmyth**.so file from Ubuntu with the newly compiled one; at a first 
glance, everything worked really nice, but  mythtv had many crashes 
during navigation in the recordings menu. Thus, I think I missed some 
patches or changes in the source codem, which are applied to the sources 
which Ubuntu uses. Has anybody a hint how to get things working?



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