[mythtv] Audio Sync (Lipsync)

Ian Barton lists at manor-farm.org
Tue Jun 2 14:38:25 UTC 2009

> Another question: Because I am running a mythtv version from the Ubuntu 
> packages on my productive system, is it possible to check out the equal 
> mythtv version vom SVN, apply the patch, compile the libs and swap the 
> original libs (from apt) with the new ones (from compilation)? How can I 
> get aware of the libs which are affected by my changes?
Here's one way to do it. Get the ubuntu package source:

sudo apt-get source mythtv

Install git:

sudo apt-get git-core

Import the ubuntu source into a git repository (note you can also pull 
into a git repo directly from svn repo if you wanted to).

cd /ubuntu-myth-source

Create an empty repo:
git init

Add the source files and commit them:
git add *
git commit -a -m "Imported source."

Create a local branch to make your changes:

git checkout mybranch origin/master

Make your changes to file foo.cpp

git add foo.cpp
git commit -m "My local changes."

Build the ubuntu debs (sorry can't remember the exact command for this) 
and install them.

When the upstream source code changes:

git pull

Now when git fetches upstream changes to the source your local commits 
will be rewound and replayed on top of origin/master, which is the 
definitive upstream version of the code.

Carry on working on your local branch and rebuild the debs.

If the git pull merge fails with a conflict:

1. Edit the code to fix the problem
2. git add the file to mark the conflict resolved.
3. git rebase --continue
4. repeat 2 and 4 if required until the merge completes.

This allows you to play with your own changes and keep up to date with 
the upstream source. When you are happy with your changes, you can 
create a patch and submit it back.


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