[mythtv] MythUI Screenshots - "Watch Recordings"

Jason Gabriele jason.gabriele at gmail.com
Tue Nov 4 05:57:56 UTC 2008

> On Sunday 02 November 2008 07:58:39 Nick Morrott wrote:
> > When a user has arrow key accelerators enabled (in the LHS/RHS list
> > version of the screen), pressing LEFT on a selected recording will
> > enter the category/title list, whilst pressing RIGHT will bring up
> the
> > playback/options popup.
> >
> > With the new vertical arrangement, I was wondering how this would be
> > handled. Pressing LEFT on a recording doesn't seem the most natural
> > keystroke to get to a list above the list of recordings, as most
> other
> > accelerator-enabled interfaces will escape back to the previous
> > menu/screen when LEFT is pressed on certain elements.
> Well this is one of the reasons for posting the screenshots. I was
> hoping to
> break the news slowly once people had seen what was possible and why it
> can't
> work. We have discussed it at length and the arrow acceleration
> behaviour is
> being dumped. It simply can't be made to work with the flexible layout
> possibilities offered by the new UI.  There is also the issue of
> consistency,
> in fact the majority of screens have never used the arrow accelerator
> behaviour, in particular the Watch Recordings screen was a major
> anomaly in
> the user experience, being the only screen where you pressed an arrow
> key to
> bring up a menu.
> > Will there be a TAB-like keybinding to switch between the two
> horizontal
> > lists?
> I may bind the existing NEXTVIEW/PREVIEW keys to switch groups. I don't
> intend
> to create new bindings, we've far too many already and usability
> suffers as a
> result. Where possible existing bindings should be used in ways that
> make
> sense.
> > Will pressing DOWN when in the category/title list select the
> > previously selected recording entry?
> It does that now, but it's seen as a bug rather than intentional.
> --
> Stuart Morgan

Is it possible to make the keys programmable to an individual theme? I think
users will find it natural to push the arrow key in the direction they want
the selection to go. In my theme, I will probably stick with the
left-to-right flow and would like to keep the users' fingers on the arrow
keys. If not, at least make it conform to the escape/enter scheme. I think
MythTV should only require a 6-button remote. 

I'm so glad I haven't updated my theme - everything is changing!

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