[mythtv] likin it so far

Isaac Richards mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sat, 20 Jul 2002 02:04:03 -0400

On Friday 19 July 2002 10:13 pm, daz@undertaker.homeip.net wrote:
> just found out about myth tv today, and had a bear of a time installing
> it.   most of the problems were bad configs on my end though :)  I do have
> one suggestion for the docs (or a compile time config options or
> something).  My mysql server is on a different box.  It took me a few
> hours to figure out that the mysql host was hardcoded in some of the .cpp
> files :)

Heh, sorry 'bout that..  Hadn't even considered someone running it on another 
box. =)  I'll put fixing that on my todo list..  Need a better config system, 

> also, just an fyi, mythtv wont compile with qt3-cvs. spent a bit of time
> on that one also.  also, not sure where exaclty the problem is, but xmltv
> doesnt work with perl 5.8.0.

Great.  Well, perl 5.8 should make debian eventually, and then I'll have to 
deal with it and xmltv, and I had enough trouble getting it working as it 
was.. What parts of my code didn't qt3-cvs like?

> I know, I know, if I use the latest and greatest, dont expect everything
> to work. The above are not meant to be anything negative about mythtv,
> just fyi's for a faq or something.
> now on to the good stuff.  Im really liking it so far.  partly because its
> the only pvr i can actually get to work, but mostly because its pretty
> dang slick.
> One question:  say i have a program scheduled to record from 8pm to 9pm.
> what time will mythtv stop the recording process?  the reason I ask is
> because its now 5 min. passed when the show is over and its still going.

It _should_ stop right at 9 pm.  No 'Changing from RecordingOnly to None' or 
similar in the console output?  Hrm.  I've had a problem or two with that 
portion of the code before (it's translating a QDateTime object from the 
scheduler in the Qt section, to a struct tm and then to a time_t).  Probably 
just be cleaner if I changed the whole thing to use the Qt stuff.  Could you 
let me know if it happens again?  I might ask you to put in a debugging line 
or two..

> thanks for the great work so far,

Thanks for the feedback =)