[mythtv] MythTV does not appear to work with FB setups

Preston A. Elder mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sat, 31 Aug 2002 04:07:05 -0400

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On Saturday 31 August 2002 03:41 am, Myles Byrne wrote:
> Don't you mean the vesa or svga X driver? The vesafb is the linux kernel
> framebuffer driver and is totally seperate to X. At the moment the
> primary use of the linux kernel framebuffer appears to be high
> resolution consoles and embeded devices. To start X type
> startx
Heh, I use the fbdev X driver (which uses the kernel vesafb driver).  I am 
already in X, and quite nicely (1280x1024x16), but right now, my vid card is 
not supported natively by X (its a Matrox Parhelia, and Matrox hasnt released 
their native driver for it yet). This means I'm relegated to using either the 
vesa, or the framebuffer driver.  The vesa driver screws up the console when 
I return to it from X, so I went with the framebuffer device.  It works well, 
however xvinfo tells me I dont have a vid card.

> > I can use xawtv, but I have to provide the options -fb -nodga to be able
> > to do it, which is probably whats screwing me up here.
> the -fb option tells xawtv to use the kernel frame buffer for output
> instead of an X server.
I'm also wondering if its possible that this kind of option could be added to 
mythtv (hell, yank it directly from xawtv if necessary!), it would be a 
worthwhile endeavour, as there are quite a few people out there who use the 
fbdev driver for X.

> Im not sure about this part as I haven't run mythtv yet but it looks
> like your card doesn't have Xv support but your X server does run (the
> 'X box' comes up and so does the frontend). Xv is the XVideo extension
> for XFree86, i think it only comes with versions 4.02 and later, what
> version of XFree are you running? Also what card are you using? All the
> cards I've used have supported the XVideo extension and from the looks
> of the above output you seem to be running an athalon pc which probably
> means you've got a fairly modern card
I'm running XFree86 4.2.0 :)

Aparently the framebuffer support tho, does not support the XVideo extension 
(I'm not sure if the 'vesa' driver does tho, that might be enough to make me 
say 'damn the console, I'll use the vesa driver' if it supports XV 
extensions, does anyone know if it does?).


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