[mythtv] MythTV does not appear to work with FB setups

Myles Byrne mythtv-dev@snowman.net
31 Aug 2002 17:41:33 +1000

On Sat, 2002-08-31 at 05:27, Preston A. Elder wrote:

Hey I'm new to the list, I haven't had a chance to install Mythtv yet
but I'm going to get around to it later today, from the information on
the website this looks like the best visual linux pvr solution

Although I haven't installed Mythtv yet I might be able to help with
some of your problems

> I'm trying to use MythTV on a setup using vesafb as the X driver (mainly 
> because a native one doesnt exist for my vid card yet).

Don't you mean the vesa or svga X driver? The vesafb is the linux kernel
framebuffer driver and is totally seperate to X. At the moment the
primary use of the linux kernel framebuffer appears to be high
resolution consoles and embeded devices. To start X type 

or if that doesn't work try

X :0

if a display comes up with an X for the mouse cursor then X is installed
and working 
> I can use xawtv, but I have to provide the options -fb -nodga to be able to do 
> it, which is probably whats screwing me up here.

the -fb option tells xawtv to use the kernel frame buffer for output
instead of an X server.
> The error message I'm getting from MythTV tho, is rather bizarre:
> $ mythtv
> Probed: Television
> Probed: Composite1
> Probed: S-Video
> Probed: Composite3
> Changing from None to WatchingLiveTV
> libavcodec: CPU flags: mmx mmxext 3dnow
> using rtjpeg
> strange error flushing buffer ...
> Couldn't find Xv support, exiting
> An X box pops up for a while, and dissapears again promptly.  I have xv 
> installed.
> Incidentally, I tried running mythfrontend, just to check it out, however I 
> couldnt click the mouse on it, my mouse cursor kept going BEHIND the window 
> (and I noticed the window did not have any window decorations).  I'll assume 
> this is because its not ment to be run directly *grin*.

Im not sure about this part as I haven't run mythtv yet but it looks
like your card doesn't have Xv support but your X server does run (the
'X box' comes up and so does the frontend). Xv is the XVideo extension
for XFree86, i think it only comes with versions 4.02 and later, what
version of XFree are you running? Also what card are you using? All the
cards I've used have supported the XVideo extension and from the looks
of the above output you seem to be running an athalon pc which probably
means you've got a fairly modern card

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