[mythtv] updated FAQ submitted for your approval

Isaac Richards mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sun, 18 Aug 2002 15:36:19 -0400

I put in most of the additions, except the more technical ones at the end.  
Also added one about the blue people =)

I think I'm going to be putting out a new release this evening.  The only real 
changes are the new libavcodec support, and the themed OSD. (screenshots on 
the website, for those interested).

Also, libavcodec's mpeg4 codec's great, if you've got the cpu power for it.  
640x480 down to a gig an hour, and only _very slightly_ lower quality than 
the nuppelvideo rtjpeg codec.  Sometimes, it looks better, too.  Uses around 
75-85% cpu on my XP1800+ for encoding and decoding simultaneously at that 
res/quality level.  Lower resolutions use, of course, much less =)

Thanks for the FAQ update,

On Thursday 15 August 2002 11:02 pm, Chris Kleeschulte wrote:
>  MythTV FAQ