[mythtv] Problems with colours

Isaac Richards mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Fri, 16 Aug 2002 02:16:28 -0400

Make sure you're using the 1.0-2960 drivers from nvidia, and the original line 
in XJ.cpp.  The previous nvidia drivers had I420 video (the format it's using 
internally) flipped with YV12. 

Basically, you're seeing blue because the two color fields are swapped.

If it still doesn't work, do this:

Replace line 746 (848 in current cvs) of NuppelVideoPlayer.cpp (the memcpy) 
with this:

memcpy(X11videobuf, vbuffer[rpos], video_width * video_height);
memcpy(X11videobuf + video_width * video_height, vbuffer[rpos] +
              video_width * video_height * 5 / 4, video_width *
              video_height / 4);
memcpy(X11videobuf + video_width * video_height * 5 / 4,
             vbuffer[rpos] + video_width * video_height, video_width *
             video_height / 4);

That _will_ fix it, as it swaps the two color fields in memory before the 
buffer's sent to the video card for output.  It'll revert back to funky 
colors when it's paused, but the fix for that is similar.

I think I shall add a 'PeopleAreBlue' setting to the config file (it'll 
basically just do that memcpy change)..

Oh, and if you upgrade CVS, check out the new 'Codec' setting in the config 
file.  Might as well use some more of that P4, no? =)


On Friday 16 August 2002 01:45 am, Thor Sigvaldason wrote:
> All,
> 	I have both pr 4 and latest CVS versions running, and everythying is
> great, except for the colourspace of the video. Everything is very blueish,
> except for blues, which are very reddish. Picture on B&W channels is
> perfect.
> 	On previous advice from Isaac, I tried changing line 34 of
> libNuppelVideo/XJ.cpp to be defined to 0x32315659. This does not help.
> Xawtv works fine both with Xv extensions (ie. xawtv -xv) and without (ie.
> xawtv -noxv).
> 	So .. it looks like Isaac's otherwise excellent adaptation of the
> NuppelVideo stuff is doing something non-universal in Xv space. Does anyone
> have any suggestions? I'm currently trying to pour over MythTV code versus
> xawtv code to try and figure out what any XV differences may be.
> My system is:
> (Genuine) Intel P4 @ 1.6 GHz
> Pinnacle TV board (bttv)
> Nvidia adaptor with binary only nvidia drivers
> 	Thanks in advance for any and all help.
> BR,
> Thor