[mythtv] ?'s on using ATI AIW cards

Isaac Richards mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Wed, 14 Aug 2002 20:26:14 -0400

On Tuesday 13 August 2002 12:19 pm, Chuck wrote:
> Neat looking PVR software.  I definately like the direction its going. 
> Just a quick question.  It looks like all of this code was written with the
> BTTV drivers and an XF86 supported TV out card.  Is there any support/hooks
> for the ATI series of cards.  The old ATI AIW cards, seem to support all
> the functionality, but are the recording/tunning programs in MythTV tied
> only to the BTTV driver?  Again, sounds like you guys are mostly using
> (WinTV cards) and Nvidia video for tv out... is this the most stable
> combination?

MythTV just uses the standard V4L interface, so any tuner card that works with 
that should work just fine.  The main reason I picked the geforce 4 is 
because it seemed well supported, and the newer ATI cards all had varying 
levels of driver completedness at the time I was looking.

> Additionally, I'm curious if anyone has tried using the via EPIA-800 for
> this.  It's probably only the equivilient of a 500mhz pII or so... but its
> really quiet and has a small form factor.  Unfortuantely the trident video
> drivers under linux don't support Xv (yet supposedly)!  So I'm thinking
> that a PCI AIW card would net you a pretty neat 480x480 PVR.  (Maybe just
> barely... but that's just what I'm looking for).

Might work, though the PCI bus might be hurtin.. 

> And if you're looking for additional ideas, how about this:
> 1.  Wouldn't it be cool to back up your mythtv box to your media server? 
> Or play archived movies on your mediaserver?
> 	- Suppose you have a check box on your recorded shows screen.  If you
> check it, MythTV will (niced+10
>               or something like that ) will archive your show to Divx5
> format (or what ever), and move it to your media
>               server.
> 	- Additoinally, under your recorded shows screen... what about an option
> to pull shows from your media
> 	  server and play them on Divx5 or again what ever standard you want.
> 	.:  Has this already been discussed?  Is this in your development
> "direction", or are you envisioning this as a standalone box mostly?

Heh, well, I don't really have a server that I could use for mass storage, so 
I doubt I'd write anything like that..  If someone else wanted to, though, 
and it integrated ok, I'd accept a patch..