[mythtv] ?'s on using ATI AIW cards

Chuck mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Tue, 13 Aug 2002 11:19:40 -0500

Neat looking PVR software.  I definately like the direction its going.  Just
a quick question.  It looks like all of this code was written with the BTTV
drivers and an XF86 supported TV out card.  Is there any support/hooks for
the ATI series of cards.  The old ATI AIW cards, seem to support all the
functionality, but are the recording/tunning programs in MythTV tied only to
the BTTV driver?  Again, sounds like you guys are mostly using (WinTV cards)
and Nvidia video for tv out... is this the most stable combination?

Additionally, I'm curious if anyone has tried using the via EPIA-800 for
this.  It's probably only the equivilient of a 500mhz pII or so... but its
really quiet and has a small form factor.  Unfortuantely the trident video
drivers under linux don't support Xv (yet supposedly)!  So I'm thinking that
a PCI AIW card would net you a pretty neat 480x480 PVR.  (Maybe just
barely... but that's just what I'm looking for).

And if you're looking for additional ideas, how about this:
1.  Wouldn't it be cool to back up your mythtv box to your media server?  Or
play archived movies on your mediaserver?

	- Suppose you have a check box on your recorded shows screen.  If you check
it, MythTV will (niced+10
              or something like that ) will archive your show to Divx5
format (or what ever), and move it to your media
	- Additoinally, under your recorded shows screen... what about an option to
pull shows from your media
	  server and play them on Divx5 or again what ever standard you want.

	.:  Has this already been discussed?  Is this in your development
"direction", or are you envisioning this as a standalone box mostly?


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