[mythtv] compile, permissions, font sizes, and suggestions

Ettus, Matt mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Tue, 13 Aug 2002 14:59:05 -0700

Hi.  I just found MythTV the other day, and I must say that I love what I
see.  There a couple of issues I've run into.

First, when compiling, there are a lot of QT-related warnings, mostly about
passing floats to methods expecting ints.  Is this normal, or do I need to
upgrade something?  The compile completes ok, and everything seems to run.

Second, settings.  There seems to be 3 places where data is kept,
/usr/local/share/mythtv (settings), the database, and ~/.mythtv.  The last
one presents a problem, as multiple users usually can't share that
directory, so the station logos don't work with other users.  The logos
could be kept in the database, or the share directory.

Third, my TV output quality is not so great, because of the hardware, so
small fonts are hard to read.  Is it possible to increase the font size on
screens which are not controlled by the global.menu file?

Fourth, before I set up the xmltv database, I was able to run the live tv
viewer from mythfrontend, but it would (of course) hang when I tried to
change channels.  Now that the database is set up, if I run mythfrontend,
the other features seem to work, but it won't let me run the live TV viewer.
The main screen goes away, and then comes back.  I can still run mythtv, but
it still hangs when I try to change channels.  Any ideas?

Fifth, when starting up live viewing, it goes to whatever random channel the
capture card goes to.   This gives me snow and loud noise.  If it went to
the last channel I was on, or the first channel in the list, this could be

Sixth, I have a local mp3 and ogg directory with like 30 songs.  When I
start mythmusic, it seems to process forever, but it doesn't seem to be
reading from disk. 

Thanks for this great program.  Once I get it going, I'd like to be able to
contribute to the effort.