[mythtv] GUI window size patch for mythmusic

Isaac Richards mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Thu, 8 Aug 2002 01:10:04 -0400

On Thursday 08 August 2002 12:01 am, thor@lamedomainname.com wrote:
> Isaac (et al.)
> 	Very promising project. Had been thinking about doing something along
> similar lines for some time ... nice to see someone else has already
> started on it.

Thanks =)

> 	I've got a box with some DC10 (motion jpeg capture) cards that do really
> nice encoding using the mjpegtools package, so I'm going to try and
> integrate that in (but then myth will need setup routines/dialogues etc.
> ... lots to do).

Well, it needs setup dialogs now, too.  And a way to write back the settings 
files, and a bunch of other stuff..

> 	I can get mythTV to build and run from the CVS version, but the colors are
> a fair ways off (blueish), the sound is about 1/2 a second off sync, and
> audio never matches video when pausing and then playing back (audio just
> keeps being "live"). The machine is very fast (Pentium 4, ~900 Mhz), so
> I've started mucking about with the code to try and figure out what's
> wrong.

Broken Xv driver, for the color problem, most likely.  Sounds like it's 
flipping the U and V color buffers.  Well, that or I'm using the wrong mode, 
or the driver doesn't support the video mode I'm using.  Does running 'xawtv 
-xv' show something similar?  Does changing line 34 of libNuppelVideo/XJ.cpp 
to be defined to 0x32315659 help any?

For the sound, you need to mute your line-in, and most likely set the mixer to 
record on the line-in.  You're probably hearing the pass-through, and 
nothing's getting recorded.

> 	Also, the to_mysql perl script dies on data that has character codes in
> it. Spanish shows and/or actors with accented vowels get through XMLTV ok
> (tv_grab_na and tv_sort) but to_mysql stops with errors. I know nothing
> about Perl, so can't help you there.

Your perl's probably about the same level as mine, so =)

> 	Attached is a patch for mythmusic that lets the user specify GUI window
> sizes in the mythmusic-settings.txt file (for people like me who are
> running at 640x480 on the television, but 1280x1152 on the monitor). I'll
> send a similar one for the mythTV tree tomorrow.

Thanks, but I'm not going to apply until the new menu code (just committed) 
and the program guide work right with the resizing stuff.  I think Bad 
Things(tm) would happen to the menu right now if it were to be resized..  
But, that'll give me incentive to fix 'em.