[mythtv] mythmusic feedback

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Wed, 7 Aug 2002 18:00:45 -0500 (CDT)

this might be useless due to my particular setup, but here is my feedback 
for mythmusic.

my setup: mysql is on my server and all my mp3's are an a samba share on 
the server that the workstations mount for access.  I have >3G of mp3's.

when I first started mythmusic, i was expecting it to take a few minutes 
(as per the email) so it could read the info from the music.  What I wasnt 
prepared for was the 48+ hours it took.  Im assuming this has something 
(alot) to do with my setup?  also, it just stopped numerous times during 
the initial "read-the-mp3-data-and-put-it-into-mysql" phase.  

after the data-import was done, my regular user cannot use it.  mm starts, 
show the gui for half a sec, then goes away.  only root can use it.  even 
though my reg. user has full permissions on the audio device, etc.

as to the playlists...where is it supposed to keep the play list?  I ask 
because after a restart ( I know, the ideal use would be having it run 
constantly....) my playlists disappear.

is there a way to get it to queue a certain amount before it plays the 
song?  playing songs is very choppy atm.  If not (due to the fact that it 
isnt meant to be used over a network) its understandable.   

other than that, things are pretty nice.


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