[mythtv-users] artwork

james jam at tigger.ws
Sun Mar 24 09:12:27 UTC 2024

One fine day a few days ago *BING* all my artwork went gone (sic)
so some sql spelunking

recordedartwork seems to be normal
inetref in videometadata is 00000 in a few places it ought not to be, 
but for most part it looks correct

   select intid, title, inetref from videometadata;

Now to complicte things I'm in midst of migrating backend so my last 
daily backup is 18/03. I did s test restore of that and art is correct
but one or two recording since then are 'keepable'.

It's not a biggie to manage those few, but any ideas of what may have 
happened. Are there any suble links that I may have missed.


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