[mythtv-users] Coverart vanished

James Linder jameslinder0 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 16 13:07:00 UTC 2024

Since irrelvant detail may be important, in it’s gory detail here goes

I moved my backend to a raspberry pi5
My main store, /store (USB SSD), had an i/o error every day or so
  [with hindsight that was inadequit PD power supply
   raspberry pi has PD negotiation but will only negotiate 5V and PD spec is 3A. It is non compliant wanting 5A
   raspberry pi5 power supply is non compliant too suppying 27W at 5V 9v 12V (and I think 15V)]
   I rehosted my backend on an i3 NUC

So far everything is perfect.

Suddenly, today, all my coverart is missing. The /store/Coverart is correct.
The metadata is correct.

Everything else appears normal.

What could have happened?

I have all the backups and can easily restore ‘yesterday’ but the cause of the problem is of concern.

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