[mythtv-users] find_orphans.py script doesn't delete anything

Stephen Worthington stephen_agent at jsw.gen.nz
Wed Mar 13 14:12:25 UTC 2024

On Wed, 13 Mar 2024 21:49:43 +1100, you wrote:

>> I just had a hunt around on my development box and found the program I
>> wrote for someone last year that had a similar problem.  Unlike
>> find-orphans.py, it uses the Services API to do the deletes, so it may
>> possibly work better for you.  But it was only tested on v32, so I do
>> not know if it will work on v31.  It can be downloaded from here:
>> http://www.jsw.gen.nz/mythtv/myth-delete-missing.py
>Hi Stephen, that link doesn't appear to be working. I get an error:
>This site can’t be reached
>www.jsw.gen.nz took too long to respond.

Yes, my Ubuntu server box was down most of today while I moved it all
into a new case.  And, of course, when it was all in the new case
there was a cable problem that took a couple of hours to work out - no
power to one hard drive.  I have it working temporarily on a different
power cable for now, so you can try again now.  I will have to shut it
down again some time tomorrow to fix the bad cable.

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