[mythtv-users] Scripting Mytharchivehelper for a quick export to a parallel ("playback") Mythbox

Charlie Myth charliemyth at gmail.com
Wed Mar 13 08:37:05 UTC 2024


Looking at the thread "*Merging recordings from 2 **backends*", got me
thinking a bit about Mytharchivehelper.

Does anyone see any problems with using Mytharchivehelper with a suitable
XML file to script exporting the odd recording? These could then be used to
upload to a laptop (same Myth version) for watching recordings when I am
away (and offline). I know I could use the Archive GUI - I am just
interested in scripting the process.

I also know I could convert to mp4 etc, but I just wanted to ask about
Mytharchivehelper (this way I keep subtitles trivially and I can
fastforward and back without seek problems as the native files are
TransportStream mpeg-2).

Something like:

mytharchivehelper -n --outfile ./mydata.xml

cat config/mydata.xml
            <file type="recording" title="BLABLABLA" delete="0"
        <options dvdrsize="98426728" erasedvdrw="0"
savedirectory="/archive_temp/expt2" mediatype="3" createiso="0" doburn="0"/>

I've had a play and it seems to produce the right output, but wondered if
anyone knew any major problems with that?
And I still appreciate all the good stuff re: mythvidexport and
mythexport/mythimport - I am only having a play.


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