[mythtv-users] Adding second HDHomerun (with different channels)

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Fri Mar 1 09:30:33 UTC 2024

On 01/03/2024 08:03, Ian Evans wrote:
> V34
> Currently have an HDHomerun (let's call it Extend) with a video source
> called SD and an xmltv file called SD.xmltv.
> Extend is able to receive some but not all of the channels in the area.
> I just connected a second HDHomerun (let's call it Connect). It"s antenna
> is aimed in a different direction. It's able to pick up the channels Extend
> can't as well as a couple of the ones it can.
> The SD.xmltv file contains all the locally available channels. But I can't
> use SD as the video source for Connect as I then can't go into Channel
> Editor and delete from Extend and Connect the channels each one can't
> receive.
> Can I simply create a Video Source called, say, SDTWO and simply copy
> SD.xmtltv to SDTWO.xmltv? I had a setup like this working in the past in
> the pre-xmltv Schedules Direct days, but just want to make sure that I'm
> doing it correctly with xmltv.
> I hope what I'm asking is somewhat clear. It's been a long day. :-)
Yes. In fact you must. The basic idea is that any video source is defined as a collection of
channels that can all be tuned in the same way using the same parameters. Since you have channels
that cannot be tuned by one source, you therefore need to set up another source and connect your
other tuner to that.

You should ensure that each tuner can only tune the channels they can physically receive. That way
the scheduler will only allocate a viable tuner to record from those channels.


Mike Perkins

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