[mythtv-users] season and episode population from schedules direct json has been incomplete.

Paul Harrison mythtv at mythqml.net
Sun Jan 21 15:43:35 UTC 2024

On 21/01/2024 15:11, Gary Buhrmaster wrote:

> On Sun, Jan 21, 2024 at 2:51 PM Paul Harrison <mythtv at mythqml.net> wrote:
>> It will be some time before this makes it into the various distro's as
>> well. xmltv will likely have to do a release before they pick up the fix.
> This is no real different than MythTV itself.
> Some packagers for some distros pick up
> interesting fixes between formal releases,
> some wait for a formal release, and some
> wait for someone to ask for an update.
> If one has a need for the latest (and
> sometimes greatest), one should be
> prepared to run the upstream(s) version
> rather than your distro's version.
> FWIW, I believe the XMLTV project intends
> to make a formal release in the near future
> (at least that seems to be the consensus
> on the developers list) for the same
> reason that MythTV typically makes a
> formal release about this time (to have
> a new version ready for the upcoming
> Canonical LTS release schedule).
> That, of course, reminds me, when is
> v34 planned to go gold?

I did notice the last few XMLTV releases have been around the end of 
February just in time for the Ubuntu feature freeze :)

Sounds like a jolly good idea wonder why we don't do that for MythTV!  😛

As for v34 I've washed my hand of it and just let the others fight it 
out. The latest was we are going to attempt a release before the 
February 29th feature freeze but it's far from a unanimous decision so I 
wouldn't be surprised if it's a half-hearted attempt with some stuff 
missing like release notes, web site announcements etc but I could be wrong.

The project really misses someone with authority to push stuff along 
especially now Stuart A. appears to have has gone :(

Paul H.

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