[mythtv-users] Leanfront feature request - add a periodic update to recordings to reflect new recordings started in the last 5 minutes of so.

Jay Harbeston jharbestonus at gmail.com
Thu Jan 18 15:14:18 UTC 2024

After using the leanfront version on firetv, my wife has found a feature that is needed. :-).  after you have been watching something, and return to the current recordings listings, new recordings  are not shown, and have to be rescanned by going to the tools, and then waiting until that completes before you can see what’s currently available. 

After I showed her how to get the list updated… she says.. take me back to the original mythfrontend. :-)

The specific case involved changing over to watch the news that gets scheduled for 12pm, or 5pm locally. If the scan could occur in the ‘background’  to update new stuff since the last scan, that would be a good thing.  :-)

Videos section doesn’t need to be updated as it only changes occasionally.



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