[mythtv-users] season and episode population from schedules direct json has been incomplete.

Tom Dexter digitalaudiorock at gmail.com
Wed Jan 17 21:38:54 UTC 2024

On Sun, Jan 14, 2024 at 2:21 PM Jay Harbeston <jharbestonus at gmail.com> wrote:
> Up to 2020, I used the sqlite version, and switched to the non-sqlite version … I think it maybe have been related to when HDHR was doing a ‘cable’ subsrciption thing in 2018 or so and then switched away in 2020.
> Since my last email I have switched back to using the sqlite version and am getting good data now.
> Sounds Kinda like the non-sqlite version might be fading from use anyway, so now I am converted, and I have confirmed that the S/E data is populating correctly!
> Thanks all for the assistance!
> I did take a look at the perl program for non-sqlite.. and decided I would stay away from the dragons in it as I haven’t touched perl in at least 15 years! :-)
> Regards!

I've just recently started noticing the same missing seasons and
episodes. I've never used anything except for the non-sqlite version.

I suppose I may have to change to that sqlite one. On the whole,
Schedules Direct seems to do a good job, but on occasion they do some
really questionable stuff. There was that bizarre thing they did some
time back where they apparently replaced their backend stuff with some
new python version, which totally broke a lot of stuff. They ended up
having to roll that back, and I've never heard anything about it
since. It all makes me wonder what they might have done here.


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