[mythtv-users] ansible change needed for LMDE version of Debian 12

James Abernathy jfabernathy at gmail.com
Fri Jan 5 12:32:28 UTC 2024

I'm slowly moving to Debian which means Debian 12 bookworm right now.
Ansible supports Debian 12 now; however as I move to Linux Mint's version
of Debian 12 I find something missing in ansible.  Most likely a naming
issue. The dependencies should be the same.

Here is the console on a fresh VM from ansible:

./mythtv.yml --limit=localhost
BECOME password:

PLAY [mythtv_hosts]

TASK [Gathering Facts]
[WARNING]: Platform linux on host localhost is using the discovered Python
interpreter at /usr/bin/python3.11, but future
installation of another Python interpreter could change the meaning of that
path. See https://docs.ansible.com/ansible-
core/2.14/reference_appendices/interpreter_discovery.html for more
ok: [localhost]

TASK [include_role : common]

TASK [common : Debian information used to select which roles/tasks run]
ok: [localhost] => {
    "msg": [
        "inventory_hostname:                 localhost",
        "ansible_distribution:               LMDE",
        "ansible_distribution_release:       faye",
        "ansible_distribution_major_version: 6",
        "ansible_lsb.major_release:          6",
        "ansible_pkg_mgr:                    apt"

TASK [include_role : mythtv-deb]

TASK [mythtv-deb : create list of packages known to all Debian
distributions] *****************************************************
ok: [localhost]

TASK [mythtv-deb : add unique packages based on distributions]
fatal: [localhost]: FAILED! => {"reason": "Could not find or access
'/home/jim/ansible/lmde.yml' on the Ansible Controller."}

localhost                  : ok=3    changed=0    unreachable=0    failed=1
   skipped=4    rescued=0    ignored=0
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