[mythtv-users] End of the road for MythTV at my house?

Will Dormann wdormann at gmail.com
Sun Feb 18 23:06:58 UTC 2024

On 2/18/24 4:44 PM, DryHeat122 wrote:
> I have Cox as a service provider. The cable box I have been 
> successfully using with an HDPVR stopped working. When I took it in they 
> exchanged it for a box with model Pace PX022ANC. It does not have RGB 
> output, just HDMI. Is there a pc card that will capture HDMI?

I too lost the ability to use my HD-PVR when an updated cable box 
dropped the component video output option and Firewire control.

You may want to check out the ability to use a Cox-provided cable card 
inserted into a HD-Homerun device that you own.  I continue to use an 
HDHomeRun PRIME device  for my recordings, and it works well.  With two 
caveats, I suppose:
1) Cox may charge you a small monthly fee for cable card rental.
2) Depending on how Cox has their channels configured, not all of your 
channels may be available via such a device.  I believe that it's up to 
your provider to decide which channels to protect with DRM.  Such 
protected channels will not be recordable, because only pirates do such 


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