[mythtv-users] Correcting the metadata in mythtfrontend

James Abernathy jfabernathy at gmail.com
Sat Feb 17 12:01:34 UTC 2024

On Sat, Feb 17, 2024 at 6:47 AM James Abernathy <jfabernathy at gmail.com>

> I was checking the mythfrontend list of recent recordings and noticed that
> some of the artwork was the wrong tv show.
> Using the new Web App, I edited the recording rules for a few of them.
> The Metadata Lookup Id (InetRef)  had nothing special in it.  So I check
> thetvdb.com link and found the id of the right one and added that after
> ttvdb4.py_"nnnnn" using the right ID.
> I'm pretty sure this will fix new recordings.  Is there an easy way to
> force the metadata to use the new recording rule information to update
> current recordings?
> Jim A

I can force a get metadata job with either mythfrontend or the Web App, but
I get the same metadata artwork I already had and not the new artwork shown
on thetvdb.com.

Jim A
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