[mythtv-users] Cropping recordings

John Pilkington johnpilk222 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 8 21:53:11 UTC 2024

On 08/02/2024 21:15, James Linder wrote:
> My wife uses the apple TV mythtv app
> [I’m frustrated and being unneccessarilly harsh]
> In general the macos developers (and specifically NOT John Hoyt) believe that as God’s gift to humanity they should be showered in munnie.
> The mythtv app does not show videos, or honour cutlists in recordings. (nafi)
> So idea is
> Cut a recording and create a video
> Erase cut list
> Transfer the video back as 10096_20231110173200.ts (whatever)
> so she can watch the recording free of ad pounding. I can’t see any db corruption. Perhaps rebuild the seek table (is that only on file ?, in which case rebuild is not needed) Any opinions please
> James

Yes, since I believe that you already have a cutting script, and it 
sounds as if it creates a new video-format file.

Delete the recording's cutlist.

Perhaps rename the original file for safety, replace it with the 
videofile, and use mythcommflag --rebuild, which also resets the file size.

I suppose you might also want to remux the result to remove unwanted 
streams, but probably not.

John P

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